Alexander Studzinski

Name: Alexander Studzinski

Date of Birth: 19.01.1983

Profession: Police Officer

Sport Resume:

Club: SC Wiesbaden

Hobbies: Cooking


– How you arrive to Open Water World?

My first race was back in 2001 at our Nationals. Then I just went with it and enjoyed it ever since.

– What is your best open water race memory ?

Qualifying for my first European Championships in 2002 in Berlin.

– Why is Open Water Swimming so special for you?

It is the experience to swim outdoors in lakes, seas, oceans and rivers. Every location is special and different.

– What is the meaning to be Oceanman ambassador for you?

It´s a great opportunity to promote open water swimming and bring the experience to more people.

– What do you think Oceanman Brand can offer to Swimming World?

It offers many race all around the world with various distances for all swimming abilities. It´s a great promotion for our sport.

– Which event of 2017 calendar do you think is more interesting?

I think the last race of the season in Benidorm will be exicting and at a great location.

– Why do you recommend to take part on Oceanman Event?

You can siwm many distances and so you can choose the right event for your swimming ability. And the next year you could try to swim a longer distance, so there is a goal to achieve which keeps you motivated throughout the year.

Please, send between 5-10 photos of you (few of them practising swimming)