Ambassador Profile

Name: Benedict Boon

Date of Birth: 15/08/1996

Profession: Student

Sport Resume: Sea Games , 2015 , 2017. Distance pool events + Open wáter swimming

Club: Chinese Swimming Club

Hobbies:Reading and Volunteering for events


– How you arrive to Open Water World?

I wanted to challenge myself to not only swim in the sea but to conquer marathon distances such as 5km and 10km.

– What is your best open water race memory ?

Winning the Sea Games qualifier to be the number one open water swimmer in Singapore

– Why is Open Water Swimming so special for you?

Its something that even some pool swimmers wouldn’t dare to do. To have the courage and the guts to swim in the sea for 10km is something special

– What is the meaning to be Oceanman ambassador for you?

It means a lot that I get recognized for my acheivements in the sea as well as in the pool and it allows me to have a platform to share with the rest of the world what open water is all about.

– What do you think Oceanman Brand can offer to Swimming World?

Oceanman Brand is a huge company with open water events across the world. Oceanman can increase the profile of open water swimming which might entice more pool swimmers to take up open water swimming.

– Which event of 2017 calendar do you think is more interesting?

The race in Mexico. It’s the most interesting as not only do you get to race in a open water event, you get to race in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

– Why do you recommend to take part on Oceanman Event?

Oceanman is the best when it comes to hosting and organizing a open water event. No one does it better than Oceanman and that is why I recommend everyone to take part in Oceanman events as it is a event to remember.