Name: Nikoletta Kiss

Date of Birth: 29.04.1997

Profession: Open Water Swimming

Sport Resume:

First I was a pool swimmer. In junior and youth ages I earned some good result like a gold medal in EYOF or two times silver medal in European Junior Championships.

Club: Egri Úszó Klub


– How you arrive to Open Water World?

In 2014 I had a deep point in my carreer. I had to choose between finish sport or try something new. This is the reason why I became an Open Water swimmer. At first It was so difficult to me but then It changed better and better.

– What is your best open water race memory ?

When they played the Hungarian Anthem for me two times in Balatonfüred during the World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships.

– Why is Open Water Swimming so special for you?

Because It is more interesting then swimming in the pool. Every race are different and we can do what we love close to the nature.

– What is the meaning to be Oceanman ambassador for you?

Oceanman is a fantastic new company in Open Water World. I’d like to help to grow for this Brand.

– What do you think Oceanman Brand can offer to Swimming World?

Of course. This is not a question.

– Which event of 2017 calendar do you think is more interesting?

For me the World Championship in Budapest. In Oceanman’s calendar I think the Russian event.

– Why do you recommend to take part on Oceanman Event?

This is a great opportunity to get some new experience and to train for the World Championship.

Hobbies: Open Water Swimming, Travelling