The second edition Oceanman Cozumel 2017 was lived with great enthusiasm and intensity. The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea were dressed up on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August with the visit of more than 700 European and Latin American swimmers who trained for several months to swim 1,500 meters, 5 kilometres or 10 kilometres in the only international circuit Open waters for elites and amateurs swimmers in the world.

On Saturday with a spectacular weather, the swimmers met to swim the different races: popular category (1,500 meters), the relays (three swimmers of the same team complete 500 meters each) and the Oceankids who swam 250 or 500 meters, according to their age. On Sunday, long distances were swum: 5 kilometres and 10 kilometres with an attendance of more than 150 swimmers in the longest distance, which undoubtedly represents an increase in people’s interest in this open-water sport in Mexico and all around the world.

The entertainment started at 7 in the morning both days, and at midday, after the arrival of all swimmers, each category was rewarded. The awards consisted of trophies, some diplomas and amazing gifts from the sponsors, such as the Arena swimwear brand, and Tomtom, a well-known brand of multi-sport watches with GPS and music.

The atmosphere was always festive and very comradeship. Nerves could be felt on the beach while they waited for the starting shot, but once in the water, swimmers only did what they most inspire and gave their best, always supervised by a strong deployment of navy and army equipment Marine.

The winner of the race (10 kilometers) was Anahí León (Veracruz) with a time of 2:40:21 and who had a strong competition with the second swimmer to enter: Laura Alzate Diaz, who stopped the clock in 2:40:26. Along the route were leading the group 5 swimmers that fought by the first place until few meters before the closing final. In the male race, Roberto del Río Carpinteyro was separated from the beginning who set a time of 2:17:52, leaving his closest rival almost 14 minutes behind.

Among the foreign swimmers there was a strong Colombian team, a Ukrainian dad who swam with his son side by side the 1,500 metres, Italians, Argentines and Brazilians, among many others. Among the states of the Mexican Republic who visited us were Veracruz, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Chiapas, Guerrero, Baja California, Zacatecas, Puebla, Morelos, Durango and Tabasco.

Start of the Cozumel Oceanman



Male winners of the 1,500 metres

  1. Bruno Larios Solís (México): 19:26
  2. Youssef Achach Sleme (México): 20:02
  3. Simón Gómez González (Colombia): 20:06

Female winners of the 1,500 metres

  1. Laura Alzate Díaz (Colombia): 21:24
  2. Fiona Bernal Reynoso (México): 22:24
  3. Valentina Peláez Echeverry (México): 22:35

Male OceanKids 4-9 years (250 metres) winners:

  1. Yanni Israel Blanco Custodio (México): 4:31
  2. Rashif Ali Tellez Rivera (México): 4:50
  3. Mariano González García Vasco (México): 6:08

Female OceanKids 4-9 years (250 metres) winners:

  1. Adhara Marrufo Sabido (México): 4:38
  2. Faride Achach Sleme (México):  (México): 4:43
  3. Miranda Sofía Flores Escobar (México): 5:24

Male Ocean Inspiration winners (1,500 metres)

  1. Christian Galán Cauich (México): 51:29
  2. OceanKids varonil 10-13 (500 metros)
  3. Alberto Sánchez Martínez (México): 6:09
  4. Ghaffar Yazid García Rubio (México): 6:32
  5. Salvador Pomar García (México): 6:39

Female OceanKids 10-13 years (500 metres) winners:

  1. Zajhia Achacha Sleme (México): 7:01
  2. Marisol Gutiérrez Limón (México): 7:03
  3. Alin Ramírez Santos (México): 7:52
  4. Mixed Team Relays Oceanman (3×500)
  5. Juan Martínez Henao (Colombia): 20:32
  6. Valentina Peláez Echeverry (Colombia): 21:46
  7. Juan Brand Martínez (Colombia): 24:34


Male 5 kilometres absolute category

  1. Ramón Lara Laredo (México): 1:14:31
  2. Ángel Montoya Arias (México): 1:14:32
  3. Riquelme León Trujillo (México): 1:14:58

Female 5 kilometres absolute category

  1. Alejandra Hernández Ordaz (México): 1:15.35
  2. Adriana Patrón Hernández (México): 1:17:57
  3. Bárbara Viazza Monroy (México): 1:18.07

Male 10 kilometres absolute category

  1. Roberto del Río Carpinteyro (México): 2:17:52
  2. Carlos Reyes Hernández (México): 2:31.26
  3. Aymes Madrigal (México): 2:32.08

Female 10 kilometres absolute category

  1. Anahí León Becerril (México): 2:40.21
  2. Laura Alzate Díaz (México): 2:40:26
  3. Navarese (Colombia): 2:41:41