Ukraine was the first time to host its series of the only one international circuit Open waters for elites and amateurs swimmers in the world Oceanman. On September 8-9, almost 800 swimmers from 18 countries of the world conquered the heavy water of Black Sea off the Odessa coast. Despite the weather the brave athletes didn’t change their goals to become real oceanmen and covered 6 distances of the competition.

On Saturday, September 8, about a hundred athletes were brave the elements at a distance of 10 km. The absolute champion was the representative of Dnipro Sergiy Kvita, who participated in these competitions for the first time. The best of the more than 200 swimmers at a distance of 5 km was the athlete from Brovary Natalia Khudyakova, and the most massive Odessa race – 2 km sprint was won by Siekirash Rostislav from the host city. At the same time, all the participants received the medal of the finisher.

Hundreds of fans were waiting for their heroes on the Lanzheron beach, but they did not feel bored. The atmosphere of the true fest was created by DJs and the host of this big sports party. The Saturday part of the competition finished with the awarding ceremony.

On Sunday, September 9, at 8:30 a.m. 13 teams  were at the start line of relay (three swimmers of the same team complete 500 meters each). Team Denmark was absolutely the best in this race.

The next race was the OCEANKIDS one. Almost 50 boys and girls from age of 6 to 14 years old took part in. All of them covered the distance of 500 m and received well-deserved medals of their first major international starts.

And the second day of the competitions finished with the charity race of 1 km. It was the first time in the Oceanman history when swimmers were competing not for the cups and medals, but in order to raise money on a wheelchair for a gravelly ill boy from Odessa.

– That was a great challenge for us not only to host the competition but also to keep its high level. We are really grateful to Odessa mayor’s office and all the services for being so much involved and devoted. It’ s an honor to be a part of OceanMan family and we really hope Oceanman Odessa to become true international competition. We are happy to welcome swimmers from whole over the world. See you in Odessa next year – Vlasta Shovkovska, the organizer of competition said.

Our winners are:

Male 10 kilometres absolute category
1. Kvita Sergiy – 02:35:00
2. Sergey Konev – 02:42:44
3. Perepelytsia Ivan – 02:44:37

Female 10 kilometres absolute category
1. Wenk Helena – 02:37:50
2. Hansen Helena Hvid – 02:37:52
3. Pasichnyk Hanna – 02:56:10

Male 5 kilometres absolute category
1. Voronko Volodymyr – 1:11:01
2. Wenk Daniel – 1:15:13
3. Halunenko Stanislav – 1:16:07

Female 5 kilometres absolute category
1. Shaoul Noa – 1:28:17
2. Pirogova Karyna – 1:33:29
3. Holovko Anna – 1:36:30

Male 2 kilometres absolute category
1. Siekirash Rostislav – 00:33:01
Pasichnichenko Ihor – 00:33:05
3. Nagibins Maksims – 00:33:19

Female 2 kilometres absolute category
1. Khudiakova Nataliia – 00:31:54
Arestova Kseniia – 00:35:55
3. Gudima Olga – 00:36:30