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Date 15/10/2017 15/10/2017 15/10/2017
Start Time 12:30 h 09:30 h 8:00 h
Start Area Mal Pas Beach Benidorm Island Mal Pas Beach
Arrival Mal Pas Beach Mal Pas Becah Mal Pas Beach
Distance 1,5 km 5.5 km 9,3 km
maximum Participants 200 200 300
Neutralised section No No No
Time Limit 1h30′ 2h30′ 4h
Feed point(s) at sea No 1 2
Approx. water Temp. 22º C 22º C 22º C
Approx Atmosphere Temp. 20º-22ºC 20º-22ºC 20º-22ºC
Wetsuit * Opcional Opcional Opcional
Buoy Optional Obligatory Obligatory
** Elite swimmers NO wetsuit

Use of wetsuits depending on water temaperature :

Less than 20 ºC Obligatory use of wetsuit
Between 20ºC – 22ºC Optional use of wetsuit
More than 22ºC Prohibited use of wetsuit

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10:00 h – 14:00 h Collect racer chip & swimmers welcome pack  Mal Pas Beach **
16:00 h – 20:00 h
20:00 h  – 21:00 h Technical Briefing to be confirmed
SUNDAY 15th OCT. 17
6.30 h. – 7.30 h. Collect racer chip & swimmers welcome pack OCEANMAN  Mal Pas Beach **
08.00 h Start OCEANMAN
6.30 h. – 8.00 h. Collect racer chip & swimmers welcome pack HALF OCEANMAN  Mal Pas Beach **
08:30 h Boarding Half Oceanman Benidorm Harbour **
08.45 h Transfer HALF OCEANMAN swimmers to Benidorm Island  (cloth should fit in a gym bag)*
09.30 h. Start HALF OCEANMAN Benidorm Island
09.30 h -12.00 h Collect racer chip & swimmers welcome pack POPULAR  Mal Pas Beach **
12.30 h. Start event POPULAR
13.30 h. Open Race – Awards Ceremony Mal Pas Beach **
20:30 h Closing Party Oceanman 2017 Ku Lounge Café ***
* cloth should fit in a gym bag.Bigger bags not allowed.
** Mal Beach & Harbour
*** Closing Party Ku Lounge Café
  • Getting Here

    How to Get to Benidorm

    Benidorm is located in the Valencia Region and in the province of Alicante, 38km from Alicante, 106 km from Valencia y 460 km from Madrid

    1. By car

     Benidorm is well situated on the Mediterranean coast linked by the AP7 motorway and the national road N332.

    1. By Plane

     You can either choose to fly to Madrid, Alicante or Valencia


     2.1 Flight to Alicante:

     The nearest airport is Alicante International airport (Airport Alicante – Elche), just 60 km away served by numerous airlines daily. Once you arrive, to get to Benidorm you can choose:

    • Bus to Benidorm operates from Monday to Sunday. Price: €8 per person returns ticket. 4€ one way ticket .Time table may change, please check alsa.es to confirm before travelling.
    • The cost per taxi from Alicante Airport (El Altet) to Benidorm is about 65 € (supplements on Sunday).
    • Rent a car: Avis ; Hertz ; Goldcar
    • Shuttle services




    2.2 Flight to Madrid:

     You can also choose to flight to Madrid Airport, once there you have several options:

    • Bus from Madrid to Benidorm, depending on the route, you can be 5h to 6:30h, prices start from 24€ one way. Please check web for more information.( www.alsa.es/rutas/madrid-benidorm.htm )
    • Rent a car: Avis ; Hertz ; Goldcar
    • Train: You can get a fast train from Madrid to Alicante or to Valencia, Please check web for more detailed information: www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/index.html

    2.3 Flight to Valencia:

     You can also choose to flight to Valencia Airport, once there you have several options:

    • Bus from Valencia to Benidorm, depending on the route, you can be around 2 h, prices start from 20€. Please check web for more information. alsa.es
    • Rent a car: Avis ; Hertz ; Goldcar

    Shuttle services  : www.suntransfers.com/

  • Accommodation

  • Restaurant

  • Local Information

    Benidorm es una ciudad y municipio español de la provincia de Alicante, en la Comunidad Valenciana. Está situada a orillas del mar Mediterráneo, en la comarca de la Marina Baja, de la que es su municipio más denso y poblado con una densidad de 1792 hab/km² y 69.045 habitantes en 2015 según el INE. Es la capital turística de la Comunidad Valenciana.2

    Conocida como la «Nueva York del Mediterráneo»,3 Benidorm es la ciudad con más rascacielos de España,4 la ciudad con más rascacielos por habitante del mundo5 y la ciudad con más rascacielos por metro cuadrado del mundo tras Nueva York.6

    Se trata de uno de los destinos turísticos más importantes y conocidos de España y de todo el Mediterráneo gracias a sus playas y su vida nocturna, llegando a alcanzar los 400 000 habitantes en verano. No en vano, Benidorm es la tercera ciudad con más plazas hoteleras de España tras Madrid y Barcelona.7


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· Qualifying races for the World Championship in Benidorm for OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN are: Malayisia, Tabarca, Socchi, Lago d’Orta, Oytilo Bay and Cozumel.

· The first 10 classified male and first 10 classified female in each category of both OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN from each of the competitions held before the Benidorm event will be offered a place for the World Championship in Benidorm.  To consider participating in the Oceanman World Championship, it is only necessary to classify in ONE of the qualifying races. In NO CASE is it necessary to participate in all of the competitions of the Oceanman circuit.

· Participation in the competition in Benidorm will be open to swimmers without previous classification.  These swimmers will follow the same course in the OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN distances but will not be eligible for the victory of World Championship.

· There will be two different classifications in both OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN distances in Benidorm.  The first classification will detail the results obtained by the swimmers participating in the World Championship.  The second classification will detail the results obtained by swimmers without previous classification for the World Championship.

  • Technical Details

    Digital Technical Briefing

    Welcome Pack (Bag, hat, t-shirt Oceanman / Oceanwoman)

    Electronic timekeeping for all distances

    Finisher Medal for all distances

    Trophy Awards – For Oceanman & Half Oceanman (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for all categories), Popular (1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall).

    Feed point in the water for each race (liquid and solid)

    Recovery Area with Feed point both liquid and solid after the competition.


  • Extras

    Cloakroom service

    Physiotherapy service

    Sports Village

  • Security, Health & Safety

    Circuit route markers

    Safety in the water (Jet Ski, boats & canoes) to escort the swimmers at sea

    Accident Insurance

    Civil Responsibility Insurance

    Medical Services – Medical Personnel

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Economic Awards Oceanman 9.3K Benidorm 2017

Awards World Championship 2017

Awards Open Race Oceanman 2017

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