Date 30/06/2018 30/06/2018 01/07/2018 01/07/2018 01/07/2018
Start Time 18.00 18:45 12.00 09.15 09.00
Start Area Limeni Limeni Limeni Limeni Limeni
Arrival Limeni Limeni Limeni Limeni limeni
Distance 500m 3x500m 2 Km 5 Km 10 Km
Maximum Participants 100 30 teams 250 200 150
Neutralised section 5Km 2h00min
Time Limit 45min 13:00-(1h30min) 11:30-(2h15min) 13:00-(4h00min)
Feed point(s) at sea 5Km
Approx water Temp. 22ºC 22ºC 22ºC 22ºC 22ºC
Approx Atmosphere Temp. 30ºC 30ºC 30ºC 30ºC 30ºC
Wetsuit No No No No
Buoy No No Yes Yes


30 rd JUNE

15:00-21:00 Collect racer chip & swimmers welcome pack Mani Water Sports
18:00 Start OCEANKIDS
18:30 Start OCEANTEAM
19:00 Race breifing Greek
19:00 Race breifing english
20:00 Pasta Party Mani Water sports

1st JULY

08:00-10:30 Registation Office Collect racer chip & swimmers welcome pack Mani Water Sports
08:00-15:00 EXPO Mani Water Sports
09:00 Start OCEANMAN 10Km Limeni
09:15 Start HALF OCEANMAN Race 5 km Limeni
12:00 Start POPULAR 2 Km Limeni
14:00 Victory Ceremony for  categorys Limeni
13:00-15:00 Post race reCOvery Limeni
ELITE High level swimmers from 16 years ( Oceanman ) y 14 years ( Half Oceanman )
JUNIOR Amateurs swimmers  14-16 to 19 years
MASTER 20-29 Amateurs swimmers  20-29 years
MASTER 30-39 Amateurs swimmers  30-39 years
MASTER 40-49 Amateurs swimmers  40-49 years
MASTER 50-59 Amateurs swimmers  50-59 years
MASTER + 60 Amateurs swimmers  60 years and older
INSPIRATION Amateurs Swimmers with a degree of disability greater than 33%
Oceanman Swimmers from 16 years
Half Oceanman Swimmers from 14 years
World Championship The first 10 classified male and first 10 classified female in each category of both OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN from each of the competitions held before the Final event will be offered a place for the World Championship.
GENERAL Amateurs Swimmers from 14 years old
Non-Categorical Swimmers from 14 to 16 years
under age 18 participants must present parental or guardian authorization to remove spine


· Qualifying races for the Worldwide Championship in Benidorm for OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN are: Malaysia, Sochi, Tabarca, Lago d’Orta, Oitylo and Cozumel.

· The first 10 women and first 10 men classified in each category in each race before Benidorm in both OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN, will automatically pass through to the Oceanman Worldwide Championship final in Benidorm.

· Participation in the Benidorm race is also open to all swimmers that don’t classify in the qualifying races.  These swimmers will follow the same route in each of OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN distances, however they will not opt for the Worldwide Championship.

· In Benidorm’s OCEANMAN & HALF OCEANMAN, there will be 2 different classifications.  The first classification will show the results obtained by the swimmers competing for the worldwide championship.  The second classification will show the results for the unclassified swimmers up to before the worldwide championship.



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  • Getting Here

    via Athens by road

    The drive down from Venizelos airport in Athens to the southern Peloponnese has been improved dramatically by the construction of the Athens ring-road and improvements to various segments of the motorway south of Corinth. If you are heading to Kalamata, this drive now takes less than three hours. It is another hour south to Kardamyli/Stoupa. Tolls will cost around 15 euros one way. At Tripolis, there is the option to turn off to head to Gythio to enter the Mani this way. This segment has as yet (November 2012) not been completed.

    via Kalamata by air

    The good news is that for the summer of 2013, Easyjet will (at last) be running scheduled flights from Gatwick to Kalamata. More details here. Alternatively, Thomas Cook offer chartered flights from Gatwick and Manchester. A taxi from Kalamata airport to Kardamyli/Stoupa is about 60 euros and takes just over an hour. The taxi rank always has drivers waiting for fares.

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  • Local Information

    This section is defined to the north by the county border between Messinia and Lakonia and to the south by the Areopolis/Gythio road. The dominant feature of this area is the glorious bay of Oitylo, once a harbour for shipping and piracy, now a growing resort aimed at attracting tourism. There is a pebbly beach at Neo Oitylo backed by a number of cafes and tavernas and further along the coast the smaller bay of Limeni has a couple of fish tavernas overlooking incredibly turquoise water, making a perfect place for lunch. The village of Oitylo and Kelefa Castle, opposite Oitylo across a gorge, crown the bay. Further inland there is another possible ‘mini-mini’ circuit to drive around to get off the beaten track and into the hills, starting at Kelefa and ending up at Oitylo (or the other way round).

    Oitylo was always an important town, strategically because it linked North and South Mani and commercially through trade, piracy and a very profitable slave trade (Jules Verne called it the ‘Great Algiers’). It was the ‘capital’ of the Mani before the rise to prominence of Tsimova (Areopolis) and Limeni, so it was a focus of attention for Turkish control of the area and Kelefa Castle, across the gorge, became a major garrison during the brief periods of occupation. The constant attacks of Turkish forces during the late 17th century and some desperate family feuds caused a mass migration from the Mani that included 1,700 people from Oitylo and Kelefa village. Patrick Leigh Fermor gives very detailed information on these migrations and the settlements the Iatrani and Stephanopoli clans established in Tuscany and Corsica respectively. Most of Oitylo’s towers have been destroyed but the strongly fortified houses illustrate the constant defence put up by the local inhabitants.

    Aeropolis the town is of great historic importance to Greece as it was here that the war for independence against 350 years of Turkish occupation began. On 17th March 1821, a banner was raised and allegiance sworn under the motto “Victory or Death” by the various Maniat clan leaders assembled. They then marched to Kardamyli and on to Kalamata. The seven-year struggle had begun. In recognition of this role, the town was renamed Areopolis after Ares, the god of war, in 1836. Previously it had been known by its Slavic name, Tsimova.







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